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Someone asked me if I knew what 緣 means. I’m not sure… the invisible strings that tie certain people together can be hard to really know. But it’s interesting :) ✨ #yuan
Donut waste (more) time
Donut flake 😡❄️😅
How lame is it that my past self makes my current self laugh? Lol. More little characters I’d forgotten about, chillin in my old notebooks 👾😁 #kütbots #kütblastergunengage #communityservice #madewithpaper
{She blows through like the wind} 💫🌾 This ephermeral feeling I needed to get on to paper. #emze 💛
Donut lose hope T_T It’s always darkest before dawn. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. God works in mysterious ways. All that stuff. #donutwisdom #justcry #idrewthreedifferentversionshaha
Have a couple of these this month keke 💑. Most rewarding part to me is to hear about the reaction of the recipient :) Wish I could do them all. Thanks for making these little drawings a part of your life. ✨ #happyfriday #imabigsapsighbuthardcoretoook
My first “message to myself,” from 2011. Can’t really see but it’s a paper airplane from mushroom land to forest land 🍄🍄🍄✉️🌲🌲🌲 #smalllittlem has evolved… and continues to evolve ^^ #tbt #microtomacroitallmatters
Donut be a minion ^^ for you! #despicableme #minions #bananaaaa #donutwisdom
After I took this pic in Soho today I was like waaiiiiitttttt 🙊🙊🙊kekeke ^^ 💛 #ivegotthisfriend #commonground